Issues and Positions


I believe that if we uphold and reaffirm the Bill of Rights on the State level, when examining and voting on legislation, we are ensuring equality for all Idahoans.

I will base every vote on constitutionality, of both the United States and the State of Idaho Constitutions.

I will work to address all constitutional breakdowns and to re-establish checks-and-balances to our State government.

Medical Mandates

I am opposed to the government mandating any medical procedure. I believe our laws must stay in line with our traditional value of informed consent the government does not have the authority to force medical procedures on the public.

As for the private sector, I am hesitant to interfere generally but I do believe some regulations are necessary for example we do not allow child labor we do have discrimination laws. With these things in mind, I do believe the state should step in to assure Idahoans are not being discriminated against for medical choices.



Parental Rights

My priority has always been the 1st amendment. The right to peacefully redress grievances with the government is a fundamental issue that affects all people.

To me, It’s obvious at this point that the right of parents as political participants in their children’s education needs to be protected and it’s the responsibility of the state.
I believe parents are the primary stakeholder in their children’s education.

I am a parent. I have four children
I do not believe we should be forced to Co-parent with the local, State, or Federal government. Parents must have the final say.




Public access is very important to me. Whether my family and I are hunting, camping, or just out on a day trip looking for the next best picture we spend a lot of time on our public land. That’s why I will always advocate for the best management and the most access possible.

I am a strong supporter of the Good Neighbor Authority that the Idaho Department of Lands has enacted, and I would like to see it expanded.




I feel the defund movement is dangerous.
I am against the defunding of local law enforcement. I believe lack of funding leads to inexperienced untrained officers.

I will always communicate with our local and state law enforcement and first responders at all levels to understand their needs. I will always protect their authority and jurisdiction.



I strongly believe in our right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and by the Constitution of the State of Idaho. I believe the second amendment is about self-defense and the defense of others not hunting.

I have helped pass State legislation expanding our 2nd Amendment rights here in Idaho and I will never compromise on our right to self-defense.



I am a working-class Idahoan, like most of us in District 26 (Blaine, Jerome, and Lincoln Counties). I know what it likes to live paycheck to paycheck and I will always prioritize the hard-working families that make up our small business community.

Traditionally district 26 has been looked at as conflicted in its interests. Agriculture in the southern portion and tourism in the northern portion. I view us all as the small business community, whether you are a producer in the south or you make you’re living off of recreational tourism we all face the same issues and we need representation that will work for common sense answers that benefit all of the district 26. I work in the trades and I believe all jobs are essential. I will never allow the Executive branch to shut down lawful businesses. I will always vote with small businesses, the working class, and their families.




Our children are our future.  They deserve to receive the best education in our District, be it in public, charter, private schools, or in their own homes (homeschool).

I believe parents know what’s best for their children in choosing their education.

For many parents, public school is going to be the best choice for their kids.  The State of Idaho is on the right track re-writing the Common Core standards set by the bureaucrats from out-of-state.  Our school districts should be able to tailor their educational approach based on local control from people who live in District 26.



Growing up in a military home our veterans are very important to me and I don’t believe our state is not doing enough to help them. We need to increase their property tax relief immediately. No one should be taxed out of their home and the fact that it’s happening to seniors who served our country is criminal.

I will also support Defend the guard legislation. This legislation would keep our national guard from being Federally deployed to combat without a formal declaration of war from the US Congress



I am learning of different issues faced by my fellow Idaho residents in District 26 every day.  If your issue is not on the list above, please feel free to contact me to discuss.

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